12.5kg - Featherweight

Strix was a four wheel drive robot armed with a front hinged flipper. The idea behind this design was to scoop opponents onto the wedge, and then turn them over with a fast moving panel. It featured a modified brushless linear actuator to operate the flipper, to provide a significantly faster throwing action than a regular linear actuator.

Strix fought hard, but unfortunately did not replicate the success of my other robots. At the King of Bots UK Championships 2018, it finished towards the latter end the pack. It was a brilliant event to experience, but some unfortunate luck exposed the flaws in Strix's design. I am currently working on ways to improve Strix, and I hope to build a second version in the future.

You can find my patchy build log of Strix, as well as an event recap of KOB UK 2018 on my FRA thread.

Strix was built during 2017 to 2018 and is now enjoying a peaceful retirement.