13.5kg - Featherweight

Dullahan is a beast of a featherweight, armed with a deadly axe and front spikes to cause total carnage in the arena. Weighing in at a massive 13.5KG, it is not a machine to be taken lightly!

The Dullahan project was sponsored by my university, The University of Strathclyde, as well as the Strathclyde Alumni Fund and Labman Automation. Instead of competing as Venator Robotics, I founded a new team, Strathclyde Combat Robotics, with a group of fellow students. As team captain, I ran the design and manufacture processes of the project. We had a very successful run at the 2021 Labman FightFest, battling against other student teams from across the UK. 

Thanks to our sponsors, Dullahan is the most ambitious robotics project I been involved in. It features a waterjet cut Hardox chassis, a 3D printed pulley system for the drive, and a two stage chain reduction on the axe, to name just a few of the engineering challenges in this design.

A full write up of the Dullahan build can be found here on my blog.

cropped 1.jpg