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Beetleweight Mayhem at 'Battle in the Burgh'

Updated: Apr 27, 2020

A few weeks ago, Venator Robotics attended the "Battle in the Burgh" Beetleweight event in

Edinburgh! I competed with Team Impact's Goodboi, the goodest of all bois, to gain some experience in this unfamiliar weight class - Let's see how it went down!

I feel like I should begin this by saying how exciting it is to finally have a combat robotics event hosted here in Scotland - It's been over four years since the last beetleweight competition has been held this side of the border. And what a brilliant event it was, with 36 wild and wondrous machines from the UK and Europe, a full size beetleweight arena and a competition chock full of amazing fights!

As mentioned previously, I was competing with Goodboi, which had been kindly loaned to me by Team Impact. My intended entrant was Omikron, but it was no where near ready for this competition (check my recent road map post for more details on that). I'm actually pretty glad it worked out that way, as operating a simpler machine like Goodboi, and seeing how it's construction held up to damage, was a great introduction to the beetleweight class.

The tournament format was similar to the one on Bugglebots, the beetleweight YouTube series. Heats are comprised of 6 machines, with the first round consisting of 3 1v1 match-ups. The 3 winners move onto the heat semi-finals, whereas the losers enter a 3-way redemption rumble. The winner of this rumble makes up the fourth spot in the heat semis.

Unfortunately my poor driving was my downfall yet again, and both of my fights were over quickly. My first match was against Ogrekill, a vicious, new vertical spinner. After exchanging a few blows, a big shot to the back of Goodboi dislodged the removable link, removing all power to the robot.

My redemption melee was against the beautifully crafted Night Fury, and Team Impact's very own Rev 4, which is one of the maddest horizontal spinners out there. I was in this fight for, I dunno, a grand total of 5 seconds? Definitely one of the quickest KO's of the weekend. I slowly positioned Goodboi towards Rev 4, and one big shot completely immobilised the robot and destroyed the already damaged receiver.

So I was out of the competition, but winning wasn't really my reason for attending this event. What I really wanted to do was learn about beetleweights, and I gained some great tips which I'll incorporate into my next build.

Overall it was an amazing day - a big step down from the intense frenzy of the champs, but this felt like a nice change of pace for me. Was really nice just to chill out for a day, watch some explosive fights, and catch up with fellow roboteers. Congratulations to the event winner, Dwayne Nibbly, with a surprise victory over Daedalus in the final. Looking forward to more combat robots event in Scotland - I'll definitely be there with my own robot next time!

Watch the full event playlist here on the official Battle in the Burgh Youtube channel


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