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Introducing OMIKRON!

I have always loved the weird walking robots from early Robot Wars and Battlebots, so I've decided to have a go at building one of my own! Omikron is going to be a Beetleweight shuffling robot, with overhead axe weapon. Technically these sorts of rotary walking mechanisms are classed as shufflers in the FRA rules, so it doesn't receive the walker weight bonus. However Omikron will be allowed a pretty tasty 1.8 kg shuffler weight advantage, instead of the standard 1.5 kg for beetleweight wheeled robots. I have attached numerous versions of the CAD starting with the initial layout of the walking mechanism, right up until the final look that I'm aiming for just now.

Current CAD Version

The walking mechanism is inspired by the design of Jason from JK Brickworks, and has been been modified for more durability in combat. In these images, Omikron uses a brushed drill motor to operate the weapon, but I am now considering switching to a brushless setup to save weight and increase power output. So more CAD revisions are probably on the way. My plan now is to build the chassis, get the robot walking and see exactly how much weight I have left over for the axe weapon. I really want this axe to have some serious punch - the sort of weapon that will turn heads in the arena, and hopefully cause some real damage.

I am going with an HDPE chassis held together with barrel nuts. This has been extremely durable with my featherweight designs, so I imagine it will be resilient here as well.

Now that I have the CAD layout finished, my next steps are to get the chassis parts, legs and linkages made. Basically just what's needed to get the machine walking around.


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