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New Gladius build commences!

Updated: Jun 1, 2020

Here's some CAD images of my new beetleweight design - a 4WD wedgebot with a difference! Gladius has been designed as if the Romans were to enter a machine into robot combat. This means side javelins, spikes, a segmented aluminium wedge and plenty of Roman insignia to drive fear into all opponents! The lid and base will be curved like a Roman shield, hoisted above to deflect attacks from the top. The chassis will be HDPE, but with wood decals wrapped around it for that authentic Roman look. Leather tassels at the rear hide the removable link. I'm going all in with the classical theme on this one as I want to build a robot that doesn't look like anything else around.

The machine will be operated by pretty standard components: four 25mm brushed motors, two BotBitz 10a ESCs and a 3s LiPo. I want to keep the guts of the robot as simple as possible so I can focus on the exterior design. The challenge here won't be with technological complexity, but instead with the manufacture of all these small parts. This is also an excellent opportunity to use up excess beetle weight parts and materials I have accumulated over the past few years.

Will this robot be a championship contender? Absolutely not, but I mainly want to use Gladius as an experiment, before I move onto more complicated projects like Omikron. Above all though, I want a robot that audiences and I can have fun with.

Hopefully Gladius will be "rome-ing" into the arena soon! Stay tuned for progress on this build!


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