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Omikron starts to take shape!

Just finished cutting the main parts of Omikron's chassis. Overall they match the CAD nicely so far, and I am quite happy with how they have turned out - I tried an alternate method of marking out the HDPE this time around.

Eoin's post on the FRA forums suggested printing out 1:1 scale drawings of my parts and then sticking them to HDPE sheets. This provides a guide on which you can easily cut with a jigsaw. Before I would measure everything and manually draw lines with a permanent marker. This was always a bit of a pain as trying to see black marker on black plastic isn't easy. The curved parts on top would have been very difficult to match without the printouts. I also think it will be super useful when it comes to drilling. So overall this method gets a thumbs up from me!

Wobbly Arrangement of Omikron's Chassis Parts

Also got out the angle grinder and began work on making the pins that hold the leg linkages together. I'm using the un-threaded sections of m4 & m5 socket cap bolts, held on with shaft collars. I didn't fancy using regular bolts and nuts as I want a smooth surface for the legs to rotate around. I also want the legs to be easily removable for repair, whilst also unlikely to screw off in a fight.

Now to get these parts on my pillar drill and get drilling!


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