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Only 10 days to finish V3!

Updated: Sep 25, 2019

There's only 10 days until I make my way down to Leeds for the FRA Featherweight Championships 2019. Despite prior question marks over the availability of the venue, it is now confirmed that the event will go ahead as planned, albeit with a smaller turnout than usual. Currently only 31 teams have confirmed their entries, however I'm sure the event will be superb nonetheless, (It also means I can't do any worse than my 41st placement last year!)

With such little time left until the event, it's usually a bit of a mad dash to get everything ready. However, Venator V3 is progressing brilliantly!

Very happy with the finished wheels, now with bike tyre successfully screwed onto the round face of the wheel. This should give V3 much better grip than previous versions, which should translate to quicker acceleration. First time using the popular video guide by Ellis Ware (The creator behind famous robots like Pulsar, Magnetar and Neon), and they've turned out very well! A slight bit of wobble when it spins on central axis of the motor, but they will do nicely.

Meanwhile the motors have been fully mounted to the chassis, and yesterday I got my creative hat on and spray painted the hardox front wedge. Don't get much of a chance to have a go with spray paints but it's dead fun! Will be applying a layer of lacquer later when I paint the HDPE armour for a smooth and more durable finish.

And the end result of a week's hard work is an almost finished robot! A tasty 12mm ground clearance also means that V3 will be able to easily manoeuvre on the beat-up heavyweight arenas at Extreme Robots events

So with 10 days to go, what's left for V3? I need to bevel the front HDPE panel and tweak a few dimensions here and there so that everything fits together nicely. Then I just need to get the battery and link mounts printed, solder it all up, and that should be it! If all goes well, it'll be very doable in the time I have left.


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