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V3 Chassis is good to go!

Updated: Sep 11, 2019

Two weeks have passed since I finished the CAD for Venator V3, and the build has been progressing quicker than I could have hoped!

Look! It's the chassis! All bolted together and everything!

The chassis is made entirely from HDPE and is fixed together using m6 high tensile bolts and barrel nuts. I have used this method of construction in all my machines and it's been very durable. To have gone from basically nothing to a fitted together chassis in such a short space of time is already a huge accomplishment for me - but things aren't stopping there!

I've ordered in these gorgeously made water jet cut parts from KCut. Curiously, the Hardox that's been delivered is 5mm thick, as opposed to the 4.2mm I was expecting - I wasn't aware 5mm hardox was even a thing. It feels like Hardox, and looks like Hardox, so I'm sure it'll be all good.

Similarly the HDPE I've ordered is 16mm thick rather than 15mm - no biggie but I've never seen or heard of 16mm for sale anywhere before. Guess V3 just got extra beefy!

Despite all this progress though, there's only 25 days left on the clock to get this finished, so it's still foot to the floor to get V3 ready. Next up will be mounting the motors, and on Tuesday I'm visiting the Edinburgh Hacklab to cook up some sick wheels.


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