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Venator is the first robot I built, and was my first design project. It's a simple four wheel drive wedge robot, which uses high speed and durability to outlast opponents. This thing has taken a real beating over the years, but it is somehow still running, and has never lost a fight due to immobilisation. 

Venator finished joint 17th at the 2017 Fighting Robot Association Featherweight Championships. This is still my best result in a competition - not bad considering the machine's simplicity, low cost and low weight! 

You can check out my build diary for Venator on the FRA Forums. I still cringe whenever I read this, but it covers many fundamentals of robot building, and I think it is useful for beginner roboteers.

Venator was built during 2015 to 2016, and is really showing its age.

Venator is named after a type of ancient Roman hunter, which fought against wild beasts in gladiatorial games.



Strix is named after the monstrous bird from classical mythology. It was said to be sign of doom and bad omens to anyone who saw it.

Strix is a four - wheel drive robot armed with a front hinged flipper weapon. The idea behind this design is to scoop opponents onto the wedge, and then turn them over. It is a much more ambitious build than Venator, featuring water jet cut hardox parts and a modified brushless linear actuator to operate the flipper.

Strix fought hard, but unfortunately did not replicate the success of Venator. At the King Of Bots UK Championships 2018, it finished in 41st place. It was a brilliant and fun event to experience, but some bad luck exposed the flaws in Strix's design. I hope to return to this idea in the future with more experience under my belt.

You can find my patchy build log of Strix, as well as an event recap of KOB UK 2018 on my FRA thread.

Strix was built during 2017 to 2018 and is now enjoying a peaceful retirement.



Venator V3 is a durable, fast rambot with four wheel drive. It improves upon almost all of the design issues I had with the original Venator build, and has a more striking chassis design. 

At the FRA Featherweight Championships 2019, Venator V3 finished in 4th place in it's group. As a result, it did not qualify for the top 16, and this was mainly due to my own driving errors. It was very reliable though, and despite serious damage from tough opponents, fought through 10 battles in just one weekend.

You can read through the whole build process of Venator V3 right here on my build dairy page! 

Venator V3 was built during July to August 2019, and is hungry for more combat robot action!

Venator V3 is the newest addition to my Venator series of machines. 



Gladius is named after the famous short sword used by soldiers in the ancient Roman army.

Gladius is the first beetleweight by Venator Robotics. With a hefty weight to match the heaviest machines in this division, and a strong drive setup, it's sure to give all opponents a hard time in combat.

Gladius' appearance is inspired by the tools of warfare used by the ancient Romans. I wanted the classical theme to influence the entire look of the robot, and as a result it's probably the most complex machine I've built from a design perspective. It was more challenging than I expected, but I am delighted with the result. 

You can read through the Gladius build log here on my build diary page.

Gladius was built during April to September 2020, and is waiting for the chance to enter the arena!

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