7kg - Featherweight

Venator was my first design and manufacturing project. It is a simple four wheel drive wedge robot, which uses high speed and durability to outlast opponents.

Venator finished in the top 20 at the Fighting Robot Association Featherweight Championships 2017. Not bad considering the machine's simplicity, low cost and low weight! 

You can check out my build diary for Venator on the FRA Forums. As this was my first attempt at a project like this, the machine is very basic and I made several design errors and manufacturing mistakes. However, these original posts cover many fundamentals of robot building, and tackle the typical hurdles that one could face when starting out in this hobby. For beginner roboteers or hobbyists, I think it could be a helpful read.

Venator was built during 2015 to 2016, and has been retired. In 2019 it was replaced by a new and improved version, Venator V3.

Venator Reduced File Size.jpg